Plank or Latte?

Merry Christmas and a short question: What is the recommended desktop app for Garuda Dragonized KDE: Plank or Latte?

It's the end of '22 - therefore Plasma panels! :grin:


'Oops! Thar page doesn't exist or is private ....'?

Oh sorry - I missed that this is a TL4 thread :sweat_smile: I just moved it to #development since broader testing may be done, can you access it now?


Actually that breakage would be on your end. I and most aren't having issues with Latte.

Good luck with the next major KDE release then!


What he is alluding to are breaking changes currently in the git branch, which soon will come down to all users. You may wish to use an alternative at that time, which is why folks are getting prepared now.


The devs for Plasma are fixing the bugs so I don't see major breakage even when Plasma 6 drops. That said I don't care if I use Latte or a default panel / empty panel if the devs would fix the translucency to match what the enduser has it set for application windows.

My bug report is crying for months! Switched to Plasma panels and I am now mostly fine.

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That is up to you to match, both with Latte and Plasma Panel.

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