Pkgfile repositories error

Linux First Timer
i get this error anytime i want to download anything
warning: database file for 'blackarch' does not exist (use '-Sy' to download)
someone suggested that i run this commands

sudo pkgfile --update 

but i get this error in return

[sudo] password for lisan234:
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[sudo] password for lisan234:
:: Updating 6 repos...
error: no servers configured for repo core
error: no servers configured for repo extra
error: no servers configured for repo community
error: no servers configured for repo multilib

please help...
thank you

Please don’t private message people for help. This is a web forum, not a personal support service.

Who? Where?

If you are a “Linux first timer” then why have you added the BlackArch repo to Garuda? There’s no reason for including it.

This is telling you that the package database doesn’t exist, and how to download it using pacman - which was the command you used to get that warning.

You can very likely “fix” the problem with a straightforward:

sudo pacman -Syu

or using the Garuda update wrapper script


thank you so much..
and sorry for the private messaging.

Have you selected your mirrors yet?

If garuda-update didn't help, also here, I'd go for a:

garuda-update remote fix

I know, I know, you shouldn't always use the hammer, but I really like that tool, what can I do?