Pkg management and downgrading kernel

Hey guys

I just had a couple basic questions about how

1 package management is handled in garuda compared to manjaro

2and how to find older kernel packages to download similarly to manjaro

I tried searching around, but these issues seem specific to garuda
and not other arch derivatives like manjaro

In manjaro you can easily find different version of the kernel using

sudo pacman -Ss linux515
sudo pacman -Ss linux510

and their respective headers with... linux515-headers
or something similar, and the dkms-nvidia module automatically
updates it's own headers to work seamlessly when switching kernel versions,

but in garuda you can only switch between different kernel versions that are
more recently released like 5.18 for example, with the install version being 5.15

I also noticed that in manjaro the chaotic aur repo's are disabled by default

whereas in garuda they are enabled by default, and most of the typical packages
people install are sourced from chaotic aur and aren't found in the typical repositories

I think it's a kind of awkward question to find an answer to using a search engine,
and was hoping someone that understood these issues could clarify them easily

it seems strange they have the same repositories but turn up completely
different results. I guess, simply, they are totally different.

I can tell you only how Garuda works, since my short experience with manjaro is too back in time.
As you have seen, we use Arch repos + the chaotic-aur, basically for the Garuda specific packages and for packages in the AUR deemed useful or requested by the user base to avoid them to build the packages.
Garuda is a pure rolling release, much closer to Arch than manjaro, so you'll get kernels only in their latest version.
If you really need to go back, see


Me too. What is manjaro? :wink:

We cannot compare anything that we do not know.

Why "manjaro" does not use chaotic you have to ask there.

Why would you want to use old kernels?

Personally, it's enough for me if Garuda Linux runs bug-free, and because I'm not a distro hopper.

Me too.
Are there still these three versions unstable, stable, XYZ ???


Don't LMGTFY...


You have hit on a misconseption.
Manjaro is not Arch. Ask them.
Comparing Manharo with Arch/Garuda is like comparing transportation delivery methods between one cars and one bicycles factory. They have many similarities, but also major differences.


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