Pico-tts Not working properly

i love using Garuda and have increased my gaming frame rate as well decreased my loading times loading them.

However i love using pico2wave's text to speech engine, but even though it seems to compile fine, and it does make a .wav output file, instead of speaking the text it speaks garbage. Is there something i have missed? As i love using pico-tts.


steps followed

downloaded the software
git clone GitHub - naggety/picotts: Pico TTS: text to speech voice sinthesizer from SVox, included in Android AOSP

wend to its directory
cd /picotts/pico

sudo ./autogen.sh
sudo ./configure
sudo make
sudo make install

Welcome :slight_smile:
Sorry, this forum is not a general technical support forum.
Maybe you got help if you follow the template, missing also your garuda-inxi log as text.

Best place for help is always the developer of the software.


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