Performance-Tweaks and Powersave-Tweaks how do they work


I tried for the first time the new Powersave-Tweaks and my CPU really stays chill and the fans are quiet.
I've tried to look for more information on the wiki and here in the forum about the two tweaks in the Garuda Assistant but couldn't locate such.
Could you share a bit more how they work or point me at some documentation I'm very interested how they work.

Thank you!

Which two tweaks?

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Start there


Also, on Archwiki

### thermald

[thermald]( is a Linux daemon used to prevent the overheating of Intel CPUs. This daemon monitors temperature and applies compensation using available cooling methods.

By default, it monitors CPU temperature using available CPU digital temperature sensors and maintains CPU temperature under control, before HW takes aggressive correction action. If there is a skin temperature sensor in thermal sysfs, then it tries to keep skin temperature under 45C.

The associated systemd unit is `thermald.service`, which should be [started]( and [enabled](

Keep in mind that Archwiki is best resource for learning about Arch/ based distros.


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