Past copy-paste list

I used to press ctrl + ; and I remember there would appear a list of copies that I've gotten before using ctrl+c, but after updating my Garuda Linux this is not happening anymore :worried:
I don't remember if this was a pre-installed software on Garuda or I've installed it myself. What software do you use to have a history of ctrl+c, and does Garuda already have this software?

Where did you press that combination?


The more precise you ask the faster it works, maybe. :slight_smile:

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Well, this hotkey was working anywhere in Garuda Linux. I normally use it on VSCodium but it simply worked anywhere. ctrl+; would create a rectangle with a list of options, and by pressing tab I was able to move among the the past copies I copied in the past, and by pressing enter I would select the option highlighted.

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