Password manager in Dragonized

Hi there :slight_smile:

I just setup my new installation, and committed to my repo with the casual git client.

Nice enough, did a window pop up, to ask me for my username and password.
Stupidly, did I do as I was told, and entered my password.

Obviously, Github doesnt support that anymore, as we need tokens.

Well, the issue is now, that said password manager always inputs the wrong key string now, as that one is the one that is saved.

And sadly, I don’t find any password manager on my machine.
I think it was some fork of KeePass, but I can’t say it for sure.

Do you know what can be that?

Is this perhaps what you are looking for


Thanks a lot, that worked.

With the disclaimer, that just launching the commands in a new Terminal wasn’t enough.
I needed to reboot.

As a note, this has been removed in newer versions of dr460nized as a lot of people got confused about it.


Then this is a very recent change, as this OS got installed maybe a month ago, from the May ISO.

I actually suggest adding a proper GUI, that helps us to utilize us this feature.

Yes the change definitely happened after May.


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