Passkeys for Bitwarden

Hi, passkey support has been in Bitwarden for a while already and it works on the main instance. However, it doesn’t work on the Garuda instance. I noticed both the web client and server are outdated (without the passkey support), can you please both update them to the latest version? Thanks!

This is a very new feature… release about 2 days ago, and is only in the testing images. Not sure when an official release would be. I don’t know the maintainers here and their stance on production ready vs testing when releasing to the general public.


Bitwarden itself maintains the app for Linux, if you are having issues with the pre-compiled version from chaotic-aur it then i suggest recompiling the source from git.

It is already out: Release 1.30.0 · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub

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Wow that was quick! 2 hours ago it was released.
Sometimes a team will even wait for the first minor patch aka 1.30.1


Needs us to update the version, infra still has 1.29

which got already suggested here


It’ll be there once a certain someone upgrades the container :smiley:

Looking very interesting!!

Edit: chore: update all Docker containers (9def4747) · Commits · Garuda Linux / Infrastructure Nix · GitLab


Thanks! It seems to be working now.

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