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Not sure if this is the right place for this as I'm just looking for more of an opinion then actual help on how to set up my system. Currently I have Win 10 on half my SSD and Garuda on the other. 2 platters 3tb and 4tb. I'm putting in another SSD tomorrow. I'm planning on moving Garuda to the new SSD. I'm more so wondering if this is just a stupid idea or not. My ending layout would look something like this.

Garuda 500GB SSD
1gb as boot
100gb btrfs as /
399gb btrfs as /home
4tb HDD ext4 as game library and storage

Win 10 250gb SSD and the other 3tb HDD with 1.5tb for its storage leaving me 1.5tb free for future use.

Now I know dual booting isn't supported and either is other file systems but for the time being I need Windows somewhat and ext4 for basically a game library as from what i read it is a bit faster and I don't need any of the features like snapshots or file compression on that particular drive. I'm not worried about raid and if memory serves correct ext4 doesn't need defrag. Sorry if that's a bit rambly but let me know your thoughts please. PS love this distro :grinning:

Your Partitioning scheme looks ok to me but I have to ask why so much for boot, I usually only have about 500 Mb for boot and that contains grub and with windows boot loader

Idk it's not like I'm hard up for space. Just to be sure there is enough. I've just always done it that way no real reason. The extra 500mb is really nothing on what drives are these days. 15-20 years ago I would agree 100%.


Yeah I guess I have a lot of habits that are a Decade or so out of date :wink:


Haha yeah.. I hord old junk so don't feel so bad. I still have old like 32gb ide drives from back in the day. That wouldn't even hold a AAA game anymore.

260 MiB is enough for 3 Garuda installs :slight_smile: on one HDD/SSD


Since you are using btrfs, is there a reason for a separate /home partition? It will end up in it's own subvolume anyway.

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Idk. I that's the way I've done other linux installs. I usually run home on a platter drive to save ssd. Also I may misunderstand but that would give me a flatish layout.

True, but with btrfs you can give a whole drive (250GBs) for root and install Garuda in there. The installer will create all necessary partitions (subvolumes), including home. Space is shared among all of the subvolumes, so no need to worry like in non-btrfs installations.


Flatish in what sense? Isn't the Garuda default btrfs layout flat already?

I'm not sure to be honest this is my first time using btrfs. I ddi lots of research but I still don't think I understand it. If home is a subvolume in root then it would nested I think. Really it doesn't matter I guess as everything important is backed up to my home server. Pics videos important docs are only usually on there for editing and such or I forget to upload them for a few weeks lol.

Here's the trick BtrFS does, your @ is different and your @home is different (much likely partition). The same way you mount /home in EXT4, BtrFS mounts the subvolume @home (or whatever you name it). But unlike different partition, subvolume is just a folder, moving files from one to another is just in seconds, no matter how big the file is, and also yo no need to shrink or extend like you may need to do with /home in EXT4.

By default, / is probably mounted on a subvolume named @, not at the root of the partition. btrfs is far more complicated in theory than it is in practice. Trying to understand it in the abstract is much harder than just installing it to see what it does and looking at it.

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More like a tag/flag :wink: .

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But very interesting and fearure-rich, I would say. BtrFS's man page is one of very very few man pages I read seriously.

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Ok so I'll just install garuda on the ssd and let it do its thing and as far as ext4 for a gaming library that should be fine right? I'm going to do a fresh install of both os and completely wipe everything.

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