Pandora vs Spotify on a smartphone

I just purchased 'MY FIRST SMARTPHONE'. I have used both apps for years on my desktop, Spotify really has problems, lately. Pandora keeps trucking along.
Your comments are most welcome.

Pandora sent me a list of my favorites. Here are the top 5

  1. Evening Raga Radio
  2. Indian Classical Radio
  3. Raga Jaijaivanti: Drut Gat In Tintal
  4. Shivkumar Sharma/Zakir Hussain
  5. The Rolling Stones

I have never used a smartphone. :rofl:
Remember, I am old. LOL


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I like pandora more than spotify. But that is just because I am a long time user of Pandora and I like that it can predict my next song. I have found a few new favorites that way. Spotify I have not spent a lot of time on as Pandora has been spot on.

The downside of pandora is availability in some countries. Canada is a no go for pandora but spotify works.


Pandora is only available in the US right now, but we are working to bring our music service to other parts of the world.

I have seen the same message for about 10 years, from my country.

I have tried it when I have traveled. I found it very friendly and straightforward.

Spotify has the possibility that it integrates very well with all my devices, especially in my car and in Linux.

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Thank you for the input. Spotify once worked for me but now it does not work very well. I imagined that telling all of you that I bought my FIRST smartphone, I would have got some funny comments.

I applaud your intestinal fortitude for holding out so long. :smiley:


LOL. My parents were Texans. I was raised in California but I have that Texas spirit in me. take care dude