Pamac still not working

I booted up my system and when I try to start Pacman GUI (add/remove software) from the i3wm launcher menu it doesn't start.
I already followed this guide: Pacman 6 got released: Requires manual intervention and looked in the arch wiki (pacman/Pacnew and Pacsave - ArchWiki) but nothing seems to work.
Any suggestions?
I don't know if it matter but I'm on kernel 5.12.8-zen1-1-zen

Pamac, aka add remove software, aka pacman GUI is not supposed to be working yet.
That post explains how to complete the new pacman config, but nothing is about the GUI

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So I only have to wait? Just to know

Exactly, and use pacman from terminal in the meanwhile, provided that you complete the config as explained.

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pamac is NOT a pacman GUI.

Pamac is a Manjaro project and it does not use pacman commands in the backend. It uses libalpm and right now the Manjaro version of that package is behind Arch's. So it isn't working.

You should learn to use yay or paru to sort out your AUR packages.

And pacman commands for your upgrades.


Sure that was only a simplification...
I hope the OP got the jist.

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Yeah, thanks to everyone, I will use pacman from the terminal


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