Pamac problem

Hi guys, maybe I am just dumb but I tried to look at multiple sites on how to install pamac and use it like a normal app, and I can’t find a way to do so. All I seem to be able to use is some terminal version. Can someone please help?

Here you go:

Warning: Usage of graphical AUR helpers may lead to a defective system, for example through unattended partial upgrades.


  • Pamac — Standalone GTK 4 (or terminal) package manager written for Manjaro using libalpm(3). Has a tray app. Can also be used with command line interface.

    Pamac - Manjaro || pamac-aurAUR

Be sure to read that warning carefully; there have been a lot of issues in the forum over the years related to using Pamac. Honestly I would advise just not using it at all, but if you insist you can find the information you are looking for in the link posted above:


Thanks a lot for all the advice. If I shouldn’t use Pamac, what nice GUI can I use to get a lot of compatible apps from one place? I am here because of this video, and he said Pamac is nice…
Also we are in Linux. There has to be someone who somehow fixed that issue… right?

But sometimes not secure. Trust us

So, use the terminal.


Use pamac or octopi only for searching.
Install software with pacman or pacseek in terminal.

Before use garuda-update (update, upd) in terminal.

YMMD :grin:


I read this a couple times…and I guess I’m not really sure what you mean, but no matter how I read it I have to think your understanding is not correct. Just like any other operating system, with Linux some things work and some things do not, some stuff gets fixed and some stuff does not.

If you want to use Pamac because it is “nice”, there are a couple easy things you can do to help prevent a partial upgrade from occurring:

  • Before you install any packages, get out of Pamac and bring your system fully up to date with garuda-update.
  • Do not use Pamac to update your system or any packages.

If you follow those two pieces of advice, Pamac will be generally a lot safer to use. Still, you should be aware that Pamac has a history of breaking, or breaking other things. It especially seems to handle AUR packages badly.

As SGS mentioned, the safest way to use Pamac is to only use it for searching. When you find something you want to install, just install it manually from the terminal with Pacman or Paru. Installing packages in the terminal preserves the option of inspecting the terminal output afterward to see if there were any issues or things you need to be aware of, where with a “nice GUI” that information may be hidden away from you.


I’m not sure what your linux skill level is. If you dont want to use the terminal what so ever you can just use while NOT recommenced flatpaks an discover to get them just make sure packagekit-qt6 IS NOT installed with it. It will lead to a bricked system if left installed.

just paru -S flatpak & paru -S discover .
If you want full ingratiation with plasma add paru -S flatpak-kcm
then run paru -Qi discover should look like this.

If you have any issues with a flatpak app you have to take it up with the maintainer of that flatpak pkg. As it has nothing to do with Arch or Garuda.

You would go here on discover for info or help.

Again this isn’t recommended an you wont get support here for it. But if you don’t want to touch the terminal other then to update its your best option. If you don’t want to use discover you can use gnome-software app as well.

For updates if you dont want to use terminal for that you can use garuda assistant.
Click here an enter your pass an it will take care of it.

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Thank you for all the advice, now:


Alright alright I believe you, thanks for warning.


np :grin:


like yes, but, I feel like system breaking is a pretty important fix so I supposed someone has done it already :sweat_smile:

wait you want to tell me there’s not a way to easily show it? :frowning_face:


somewhere around 0, but I learn with new tech pretty quickly

well then it’s an obvious choice - I won’t touch that :poop:. I have Lenovo notebook after my dad, soo I don’t want to be someone who discovers like 20 new bugs with that.

I don’t have any problem with terminal I just have to learn some commands…


Hi guys, is installing with this one good?

Looks like pamac, check about in menu.

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It’s callled Add/Remove Software, but yes, it’s a pamac,
Soo can someone please tell me how to install it manually through console?
I think I know how but I don’t want to break something soo I’ll rather ask you guys.

Try using an AUR helper. E.g.:

❯ yay atlauncher-bin
1 aur/atlauncher-bin (+8 0.01)
A launcher for Minecraft which integrates multiple different modpacks to allow you to download and install modpacks easily and quickly.
==> Packages to install: (e.g. 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)
╭─honza@honza in ~
╰─λ yay atlauncher-bin
2 aur/atlauncher-bin [+8 ~0.01]
A launcher for Minecraft which integrates multiple different modpacks to allow you to download and install modpacks easily and quickly.
1 chaotic-aur/atlauncher-bin [22.51 MiB 24.75 MiB]
A launcher for Minecraft which integrates multiple different modpacks to allow you to download and install modpacks easily and quickly.
:: Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3):
there is nothing to do

╭─honza@honza in ~ took 1m1s


I just understood what did I do wrong, I have to type 1/2
now which one is better? also I have no idea what aur means…:sweat_smile: is it like .exe but for linux?

Use 1 its prebuild. Or just

sudo pacman -Syu atlauncher-bin

BTW, Garuda use paru, all yay was linked to paru in :slight_smile:


There is much more in the world wide net.


Very easily in a terminal.

You already know the answer as it was already explained in posts prior to this one.

Outside of Manjaro, I’ve seen pamac break and break many things. Although I guess if you’re only going to search with it it’s not horrible. It’s your computer.

I always find it much easier to search the Arch website directly.

Pacseek is a fantastic TUI option.

If pamac is an absolute must have piece of software, you’re one of the only people on earth I would actually suggest to run Manjaro.

Shirley you jest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


well nice, what’s the url?

also thank you all for advice, now I am on family vacation (Croatia - Rab - Lopar) soo I took a little break from this

You. . . Don’t know how to find the Arch Linux website?

You’ve never used a search engine?

I guess I stand corrected. Maybe it won’t be that helpful to you to directly search the website then. . .


hey! :frowning: I just didn’t know that there are the packages… I found them in like 3 seconds on the website, so thanks I guess?