Pamac is eating up all my RAM!

upon startup Pamac proceeds to eat my RAM faster than you can blink, eventually causing my system to freeze until I reboot. I can get around it by killing Pamac before it consumes all of my RAM.

Please help!

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AKAIK, pacman is recommended on Garuda, or Add/Remove Software App.

More knowledgeable people will confirm this.

pacman/Rosetta - ArchWiki for info.

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hey Stroke_Finger
the pamac process was using all 8 gb ram i have and was freezing the whole system
i am actually new to arch itself (transitioning from debian)
so yeah got frustated with this :')

Perhaps try pacman or add/remove app - test and see for yourself, if problem persists.

That is Pamac.


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thanks for the suggestion RUanauR
but my problem is with the pamac process
with takes more than 6gb of ram whr my total ram is just 7.8 gb

Tis has happened w/ latte before, try quittting the pamac indicater

how to quit the pamac indicator?

Try htop yor your desktop's equivalent of system monitor
then remove it from autostart.

There are different versions of Pamac that you could test to see if the same issue exists in different versions. If you are using KDE and you insist on having a GUI package manager installed then you can test out Discover (or Octopi) .

As many others have already stated the pacman terminal installer app for Arch is always the gold standard and it is highly advisable to learn how it works.

While the GUI is very handy for browsing for software to install, the terminal is the most reliable method for performing system updates.

Pacman usage is well worth learning.

Welcome to Garuda.


actually yes , i had gnome version of garuda
in which the problem arised, but now switching to kde its working just fine

oh you meant to kill the process , yes ive done tht
well thanks tho...

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