Pamac-all problem with installation

Hi, following this article:

I receive error message that pamac-all has not been found

sudo pacman -S pamac-all
errore: il seguente pacchetto non è stato trovato: pamac-all

What I must do for install pamac-all?

Thank you since now.


It say:

We recently decided to not support both Snaps & Flatpaks as we got a lot of apps in Chaotic-AUR already / AUR has it all usually. It will probably work fine but if it doesnt, dont create posts about it.

So, Why do you want to install snap or flatpack? Did you find a specific software that is not in AUR?


I see pamac-all is now only in the AUR, so you could try:

paru pamac-all

I want you also flatpak and snap for freedom of do it
All distros use now flatpak I don't understand why garuda didn't it.

"We" only use pamac for searching, if at all.
The default GUI for Garuda Linux is octopi.
But we only recommend pacman/paru for installing software.


That is totally false And you the user can install it but don't ask for help when it goes wrong


Please provide your sources for this misguided information.

Ubuntu, (and it's derivatives) are not the only Linux distros on the planet. Please do not presume that whatever spyware Ubuntu develops (snaps) must be adopted by the rest of the Linux world. Why would you use snaps or flatpaks when the AUR has almost everything you could possibly need.


this is not a problem, Arco, Manjaro use it.
-noted that garuda don't use it, I've restored Clonezilla image of Arcolinux and I'm in peace now.

Till it breaks But nothing stopping a clever person like you installing what ever you want that is the freedom of Linux


Sadly you hit an outdated wiki page. The updated one is this one, which clearly states we made a choice :slight_smile:

Would've been somewhat easy to just run paru instead of pacman since its all Arch but oh well.

Time to close it :wink: