Pamac-all and pacman problem

when i get notification in system tray in plasma that i have updates i double click, pamac-all show me the list of updates i update everything and after that i'm checking for updates with garuda assistant and i get a list of updates.
Something is not synchronized between pamac-all and pacman and aur or what is going on?

Unless it has changed, pamac searches for updates on a schedule. So new updates can come in after the job has checked for updates.

Virtually everything else you would use to update, checks for updates right before updating so they have a more updated list.


is there some better solution to get a notifications for updates so that i don't need a pamac-tray?

There are several notifiers in AUR.

However, I have to wonder why you need a notifier. On Garuda, updates are constantly being pushed. There will almost always be new updates every few hours. You can just update once per day or once per week or whatever suits your personal update schedule.


Please use


in terminal.

Do not use pamac for updates.

Alias in fish.config

alias upd='update -a'

I don't understand why you people just like that commenting something and right away, that's a solution?
i want to get a notification of a new updates so that i don't have to do it by myself manually with commands or garuda assistant.
i saw one example aarchup app, is there something simpler
is that one from endeavouros good one, and what's the name of that app?

don't just say how you like that your os functioning and then say that's the best solution, for me something else is better solution.

To be fair, I first mentioned that there were solutions in the AUR, and then shared my personal opinion on the situation.

Also, it wasn't me who marked that post as the solution.

That one is called eos-update-notifier but I don't think it is in the AUR.


I've been using garuda-update, usually from a TTY. It does rank mirrors after every download of repositories, but it seems like the best way to upgrade.

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Rude! This is not how you ask someone for help, let alone devs and users who are helping YOU out of kindness and patience.

I am still unclear what you are looking for. If it is just an updater notification app, then like @dalto stated, there are plenty of plasma5-applets available. I use 'plasma5-applets-kde-arch-update-notifier' but again, as stated, on Garuda, never use it to actually update. Unlike EOS and any other Arch distro, the devs insert "fixes/changes/scripts" when there are issues with Arch. You won't get those form a normal arch update or GUI.


I agree, this phrasing comes across as rude.

It seems most likely this is a misunderstanding. This comment Dalto made is very relevant, and if you feel the issue is not resolved then it is possible its significance may have been overlooked:

Dalto is pointing out that if you manage to get a notifier set up, if it does its job correctly it will just be constantly going off announcing there are updates to pull down. It will never stop. It's basically pointless for this type of OS; it would be like setting up a notification system to remind you when you need to breathe.

The availability of package updates does not need to instruct the pace with which you choose to update your system. It is perfectly fine to allow updates to accumulate for a few days, a week, even a couple weeks. Update when it is a task that fits into your workflow easily if you like, or before installing new packages. No matter when you choose to update, there will almost always be packages to pull down unless you just did one. There is no need to take an update every time an update is available.

Whoever marked the solution probably thought Dalto's answer adequately addressed the concern. I happen to agree (actually, technically I think post #2 more directly answered your initial question), however if you do not feel it answers your question you should be able to just un-mark the solution since it is your topic. No reason for anyone to be combative.


You will be warned by garuda-system-maintenance if you accidentally forget to update.

I have taken the liberty of marking it as solved, as everything necessary has been said at this point.

Most people who seek help forget it, and it is not reasonable to monitor requests that have already been solved :slight_smile:


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