Pacserve, or otherwise setting up a local "package cache"

I am trying to set up several Garuda systems at a place with rather slow internet. I found pacserve and information on it but i can't seem to make it work as a server. pacserve talks about doing just what i am trying, but i can't seem to make sense of it.

Could someone please help me figure out how to do this properly, or conversely do it insanely like my friend wants and host a "repo" onto his "apt-cacher-ng" ubuntu system?

From pacserve page

Pacserve is a simple server intended for use on LANs with multiple Arch Linux systems.

There are a number of ways of doing this:

The simplest by far is to have a network share that you set as CacheDir in /etc/pacman.conf. However, for new packages that requires read-write capability from each system (e.g. no_root_squash for NFS).

Other options are essentially a caching proxy, so you set the server as your Server, it downloads from an upstream server and caches the files for the next request. Again, several options, so read through the Arch wiki page.

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Sorry, i guess i wasn't clear enough. There are a few ubuntu systems on the network that have an apt-cacher-ng package cache setup on one of them. My friend wants me to try setting up a similar system for the Garuda packages, but i told him it wasn't likely i could from an ubuntu box. As such i am trying to get pacserve setup on a system that is running garuda, but i can't seem to get it to work as a server. the setup i am aiming for as this "fallback" is running this Garuda box as a pacserve'r without needing to setup pacserve on the other systems that will be running Garuda.

pacoloco just keeps making errors about the databases being invalid ie:
error: url '' is invalid
but with all those databases

What did you add to your pacman.conf ?

What documentation have you read already?

Also just to note, people on the forum can't provide step-by-step training on how to use each and every piece of software available for Arch Linux (though I'm sure some will be willing to do that as part of some paid work).


like the document you listed said, and the document linked from there.

Server =$repo/os/$arch

though after a while of constantly retrying/rebuilding the setup and i posted the previous comment. i started getting 404 errors, no idea why, but i set it down to try my hand at flexo to see if that worked/try pacoloco later with a fresh brain. so now i am at the point where flexo works!!! on the system it is installed. other systems are giving me "connection refused" errors so i gotta look into that. it shouldn't be the firewall, as i removed ufw to try and figure out what is going on.

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