Pacolog, chaotic-aur and Garuda

I just noticed pacolog exists and:

 λ pacolog wdisplays
ERROR: Unknown repository returned ("chaotic-aur")
 λ pacolog garuda-common-settings
ERROR: Unknown repository returned ("chaotic-aur")

I took a glance at the script, sticked chaotic-aur| in front of '') on line 69, and

 λ ./pacolog wdisplays
   Age       Commit message                    Author
2021-04-19 upgpkg: wdisplays 1.1-1        Stefan Tatschner
           upstream release

Two questions:

Is this correct, as in, am I getting the correct information?
(I think so, if I understand correctly chaotic packages are built directly from the AUR)

How do I get information for the Garuda specific packages?
I surmise I should use the proper URL in the else # AUR branch, but I'm too ignorant to know where to look for it. Something from GitLab perhaps? Any idea?