Pacman 6 got released: Requires manual intervention

Yes, I originally said above (post:59) that yay is still being maintained and receiving security/compatibility updates. Paru will just get more new features as time goes on. They're still pretty much the same as of now.

@fbodymechanic Also, nothing is missing from yay, I just like using the newest and most cutting edge things. Also it's built on rust. I like rust

Welcome, glad you are here.

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Understood. I'm old school. I just like things that work. I'll let you do the research


I happen to think having a humble text file with a list of commands you might need for various scenarios is great. I've had one for years. For instance I keep forgetting the pacman command to query which package a particular file belongs to. I stick it in the text file together with the syntax, and when I need it it's ready to find.

Great memory aid to me.


I wonder how long it will take for pamac to catch up to pacman 6.

I suggest you start reading the linked issue, its linked for a reason.


GUI tkpacman is still working as one would expect as a GUI for pacman


If it's the easy search anyone happens to be missing while pamac et al is broken, there's always the Arch package search: Arch Linux - Package Search
Doesn't get Chaotic-AUR, of course, but it's still handy.


Just use yay to search yay music will bring up every package in repros, AUR, and installed. All nicely numbered just type No press enter job done, watch it build install no need for pamac never was.


What about Discover on KDE?

I seem to recall that. It was like he found religion or something. A 'spiritual awakening' of some sort, anyway. :wink:


No, no, no. WE don't need no te-kill-ya spilled around here. That shit's flammable.


How did I not know that? Works with paru, too!

Can we talk about how awesome this parallel download thing is tho? I just LOVE watching the little PacMans race to the end of the progress bar :laughing:


It's awesome...though I have a feeling that the forum admins are getting a bit tired of people crying about 'fix it..fix's broken'. :slight_smile:


for AUR go there

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Its for the benefit of users that do not even know what and how to use pacman very sad really.

At risk of censure for mentioning another distro :), I like that Endeavour doesn't include a graphical package management suite by default...especially right now.
If you can't use a cmd line, you really shouldn't be doing Linux (yep, I'm a harsh judgemental old dude).


I don't understand why you would use Linux and not want to use the command line. It makes certain stuff soooo much easier.

Sure, there's the "but I have to tyyppeeee" argument but then they use Telegram and Discord and things for text-based chat?

Why wouldn't you want to text-chat with your own computer? :rofl:


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