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Hey so this isn't an issue AFAIK but more a question. I noticed when updating my system that when it gets to the AUR updates that garuda-boot-options garuda-dr460nized and garuda-fish-config packages are not in the AUR anymore. Was just wondering if this is okay or if I need to do anything to circumvent this? Or maybe these packages are part of another package now? Thanks

Please follow the rules for posting, what's the exact message that you're getting?

The rules as in garuda-inxi? I'm not posting this as an issue more just as a question regarding these packages not in the AUR anymore so just curious what happened and why that's the case. I ran the Garuda update command and when it got to the AUR it simply said that those 3 packages are no longer in the AUR anymore. Is this intentional?

They were never in the AUR in the first place. They are garuda specific packages. They are now back in the repo.


Oh. Well like a week or two ago I updated my system and no messages so I'm curious what happened in that time that made it show that message. But yeah Garuda packages are of course in the repos but did they use to be built in the AUR too which caused that message once they were removed? Just trying to work out the cause of this message all of a sudden

They were never in the AUR. A lot of packages have been moved from chaotic-aur into the brand new garuda repo. That's when this happened, because that package was not built yet.


Oh I think I see what you're saying. So does updating say through paru check the chaotic aur then? Because if so then that makes sense if those packages moved from the AUR to the Garuda repos

Again, they were never in the AUR. Chaotic aur and the aur are completely separate things. Chaotic-aur is just another repo like core and community.


Oh right yeah that makes sense. Still not sure why the AUR update said those 3 packages were no longer in the AUR though if they were never there but as long as no issues then that's fine

I don't know. I suppose you should ask the paru developers?

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