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First of all I want to congratulate for the great work of this great distribution that is Garuda Linux, a few days ago I installed it on my new PC and I am really delighted, good job guys.
As I mentioned a few days ago that I installed Garuda Linux and at the moment everything is perfect, I only have a small problem, that I do not receive any notification when there are package updates, I check it every day manually.
What could be the problem? Is it normal or do I have to install a specific package for it?
Thank you very much in advance


There are too much packages in Linux so notification for each will be too much irritating isn't it? And it is normal


Install pamac and pamac-tray, but use terminal for updates!


There's no notifier installed by default and the default octopi is octopi-dev, which is incompatible with octopi-frameworks-notifier.

You can either

sudo pacman -Rdd alpm_octopi_utils-dev octopi-dev


sudo pacman -S octopi octopi-frameworks-notifier alpm_octopi_utils

Or install a different PM like discover or pamac for notifications.


Hi there, welcome!
I think that update notifications are a bit of in contraddition with the concept of a "rolling release".
It should be up to the "owner" to check it (daily is OK, but not necessarily so frequently).
It is a matter of getting into the habit of keeping your system up-to-date.
An interesting improvement that might come in handy for the newcomers is here (although it is a different concept, only to avoid forgetting):



Thank you very much for the answers.
For me it is not a problem not to receive notifications, I only ask if it is normal or is it a problem for my installation.
Thank you very much, for me the question is answered.


I get update notifications :wink: Yawll nutz ;p

@Sessan I installed pamac-manager (which probably pulled in the tray bit SGS mentioned)

Can't remember if I did or didn't get notifications for updates before that as I didn't install pamac for that purpose. I do however get a little red shield in my taskbar/panel normally about every few hours (you can set frequency). Roommates install does too. Either way install pamac and enjoy. :wink:

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It is normal, as already mentioned in first reply itself.
I am marking it solved!


Is this true? I use Octopi from chaotic-aur with Octopi-notifier-frameworks and I have no issues.

For at least a couple/few of the spins, yes.
It's quite frustrating as the Octopi in the post-installation software assistant is the normal (sans dev) one which conflicts with the dev package that's already installed and thus the entire software installation fails and selections are lost.

It's something on my mental list to mention in a "Feedback" post I intend to do, when I've done some more digging and verifying.

Well I haven't seen any conflicts on my system with dev packages, but maybe you are using something else I am not. 🤷🏻

try installing octopi-dev and see it complain about conflict with octopi. This is the opposite way around to what I've found on some spins (I've not messed with this on all as I don't much care in VMs)

Why would you install both dev and standard version? Is that even possible? Isn't one a development cycle release, the other not. I always just stick to the standard options and not the dev. Maybe that is why I am not seeing any conflicts.

That's the point, it won't allow it, but because the dev is included by default, the post-installation installer fails if selecting octopi as a package manager (because that's the non-dev one) and there's no dev version of octopi-frameworks-notifier (which IIRC won't work with the dev octopi).. though it's possible it works with a different notifier.

Ahhhhhh, OK, didn't realize that was the default option. I missed that. Yeah, that might be something to address to the team, especially if it is causing conflicts.

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Yea, like I said, I intend to mention it, but for now I expect some spins to have octopi and others to have octopi-dev, but they all use the same post-installer. If true then can't be "fixed" until the next ISO rollout occurs.

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