Paccache autorun

Hey guys, I'm not sure if this already exists on Garuda, as my research didn't come up with an answer, but I was wondering if there is any script set to run on a scheduled basis that would run something along the lines of sudo paccache -r as I don't see keeping lots of cache as a good idea as it can also cause errors which leads to some users running the sudo pacman -Scc command. Thanks

Maybe you could consider the hook tip here:

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I see, someone else have also been looking DT on YT :wink:

Hi, thanks for this. I already know of the hook tip for when installation, upgrade or removing a package takes place but I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't some form of script in Garuda already that may clear paccache on a scheduled basis. Thanks

Haven't watched that guy for months lol

A systemd timer would seem easy enough to implement as well.


True, although I think a hook would be better due to pacman cache being a result of using pacman for installation, removal and upgrading of packages. If there isn't already anything that might conflict with the cache built-in to Garuda then I will probably setup a hook for the task. Thanks

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Just watched this, this morning :wink:
That's why I drawed the conclusion about similarities :wink:

Sounds interesting. Will take a look thanks. I was taking a look through the arch wiki and found mentions about paccache command I hadn't heard of before so did a little research into maintaining the cache and problems of storing it like package errors etc.