Owncloud support for Dolphin

pacman -U <packagename.pkg.tar.zst>

Hey guys!
First time linux user here, please bear with me. I need to install the sciebo desktop client on Garuda. For some strange reason, packages are available for all major linux operating systems except for Arch. So what I did is download the Debian package and build it with debtap; I deleted the qt5-dependencies from Debian and installed the qt5 package on Arch instead. It works without any problems to build the respective .pkg.tar.zst files and install them with pacman. The sciebo client works fine and synchronizes correctly. Unfortunately, neither the synchronization icons nor the right-click option to copy a download link to the clipboard work. They should come from sciebo-client-overlays-icons and sciebo-client-dolphin, respectively. I have double-checked that these packages are installed. Does anyone of you know what I did wrong?

By the way, I am aware that sciebo is basically owncloud and that owncloud is on arch, yes, but there is no dolphin package for arch, only for debian...

It is similar to owncloud, then why not use owncloud client instead?

And yeah, you should probably ask them why didn't they create dolphin and Arch Linux support.


As I pointed out in the last paragraph, owncloud does not have dolphin integration either; the optional dependencies are for nautilus, nemo and caja, respectively. sciebo itself works great, the only problem is dolphin integration. So either I use sciebo, which I got working smoothly by using debtap, and do not have dolphin integration, or I use owncloud, which works fine, and I do not have dolphin integration. In any case, though, I do not have dolphin integration. But this is what I need.

So, you know your options. Then why did you open this thread? We obviously can't fix either sciebo or owncloud.

You have to ask them for the specific issue.

All I can suggest is to use nextcloud, which imo, provides nice Linux integration (no advertisement).

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