Overlapping of menus and title bar

I am using Dra460ized .
when i using any application, its menu is overlapping with tilte of that application.
like that,

Try to right click on the top bar and hit edit panel. You should try to move the global menu out from behind the title. It also seems like there are a bunch of global menus at that place, so you should delete the extras if they exist.
If you have not made any customizations to your desktop, you should go to garuda assistant and hit the button saying APPLY NEW CONFIGS / RESTORE DEFAULT CONFIGS. This may remove your custom customizations and reset them as the way garuda was looking when you first installed it.


when i click to edit panel it show only one appmenu and after exit it show again like overlapping

Did you try to move it to see if that helps? I don't know how the problem happened, I can't put the appmenu behind the title even if I tried, wierd.

1 - Close all the applications first.
2 - Then right click on top panel and go to edit panel.
3 - Then move or remove any one of the widget.
4 - Then try to open any application and check the issue is solved or not.
5 - Then add the removed widget again and check... 
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i have tried all these thing but it didn't work. but now i have figure out my problem, it is due to i have set background size=0 on appearance in edit panel.
Thanks for giving time on my query .
@ExistingDude and D_D

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