Overdue introduction

Really overdue introduction! I can’t believe I forgot to do one all these years. I think I need to remedy that now :laughing:
I’m usually just a bit shy talking about myself I guess :sweat_smile:
(I sure hope this doesn’t come off as a rambling mess! :laughing:)

First I’ll start off with my past in regards to computers and Linux.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by computers. I grew up playing the NES, and vaguely remember some obscure late '80s computer games on some of the school’s computers.
If anybody can remember a weird old computer game where you are this weird bird-looking head character exploring the world and doing weird stuff like taking a park bench for a ride on a river… let me know! I’ve been trying to figure out what that game was for years! :laughing:

My first computer was a 1990 Packard Bell desktop, with Windows 3.1. Was a hand-me-down from the family’s small business at the time, and I can’t remember the exact year I got my hands on it. There was a few upgrades that were done to it over time. I remember the silly name of the “golden sound card” to this day. Also eventually put a CD-ROM drive in it. I remember fondly playing old games like “Castle of the Winds” and some Atari games like the Battlezone arcade game.

In the early 2000s, and maybe some a little bit before then, I remember first messing with Linux. For instance, messing with settings files on PC BSD to get the right monitor resolution going :laughing: . Around the same time I was starting to do odd-jobs for computers. Making house calls, and whatever else I could get my hands on for a little more work on the side. Fixing Window’s problems was in high demand in those years :laughing:

Years later I’ve revisited Linux for short amounts of time here and there. Ubuntu and Mint some quite some years ago, and somewhat recently PopOS.
None really did exactly what I wanted them to at that time. I was really looking forward to a complete (or very near complete) replacement for Windows.

A few years ago, after hearing news that Valve was developing a Linux handheld device, I made a big effort to try to to really get into linux this time. After a short time with PopOS, I searched the internet for a distro with gaming in mind. After finding a site with a list, and scrolling past the big green M, I found a listing for Garuda. From that moment I had a good feeling that was exactly what I was looking for… and it sure was! :smile:

About my past in general:
My early life was in rural Maine. Eventually, when I was around my teens, I moved into a small coastal city. Back at that same small city now, and have been for quite some years.

My education went pretty well in high school. I never much cared for gym class however (not sure what the heck was going on with gym class, people got bad injuries doing activities for that class so I opted to just run laps and take a lower grade.)

Apart from gym and English I did just fine. Took extra time to focus on computer classes when I could of went home early instead because my grades were good. I always thought “why turn down more free computer classes?” :laughing: . Even though most of what I learned back then is obsolete now, I still had fun messing with Macromedia Flash and tinkering with computer parts.

After a short disappointing time in a community college for computers, I focused even more on self-study. I didn’t want to be held down by useless courses that focused on outdated stuff. I mostly focused on troubleshooting aspects for my self-studies at first (keeping up with Windows bugs for instance :laughing:), and never really got focused on one aspect (at least until gaming on Linux was my passion).

About me in general
I’m a nearly 40 year old that has a good amount of free time on his hands. I like troubleshooting computers when I can, and helped individuals including the elderly (and rarely a business or two).
I’ve also built and upgraded a few custom computers over the years.

The past 18 or so years haven’t been so kind to my health, so I have a good amount of time of my hands now that I’m disabled (please don’t fret too much about this). My brother has been having it far worse off lately (he is disabled as well), but I been helping him a ton with his Garuda PC setup at least (even set up a portable monitor that runs from his PC to his bed for when he is having some bad days).


I’m really big into computer games. I love Warframe and Armored Core 6. Also some Phantasy Star games (too bad about New Genesis though… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:). I got a big soft spot for robot / mech games in general. I just love the customizing aspect in games. I also like a number of Falcom games like the “Legend of Hereos” line of games. Also very wordy video games I tend to like as well; like RPGs, Visual Novels, and games like Super Robot Wars (I really like the SRW OG).

I also love to read and listen to audio books too. Big on anything tech and science related. Also detective stuff and myths/folklore (some Japanese ones are really interesting!) .
Just got done listening to a “dramatic reading” of the book 1984 that I found on Youtube. That is a chilling tale for sure :hushed:.

Been watching a lot of Star Trek lately (watching all the series in chronological order using https://startrekviewingguide.com/ , currently bouncing back between Deep Space 9 and Voyager).


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