Other partition cannot be read and written unless Windows is completely shut down

My Other partitions of the same hard drive are converted to read-only after the system update and now I am unable to read and write those partition. Also those partition were ntfs :expressionless: as my windows is at dual boot, how to make it again read and write ?


and forum.

File permissions and attributes - ArchWiki.

Change the headline, pacman do not change file system.
Check if ntfs-3g is installed on your system.


Ah sorry, I am feeling a bit of a noob :joy: But actually i have fuse and ntfs-3g, but the only thing that was an issue was it was unable to read_and_write and i found a solution
Solution :joy: Just Full Shutdown Windows (shift + shut down)
Whenever you put windows to normal shutdown it still runs and that becomes an issue as it is still running so after coming back to the Garuda, Windows wont let read and write any of its ntfs partitions
and when you full shut it down, it works!
Thanks anyways and you have classy memes :joy:

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I fix the headline, pacman is fine :slight_smile:


Thank you so much !

That is only a partial solution!!!

The full solution is to uninstall Windows. :smiley:

You need to fully disable fastboot if you insist on using Windows.


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