OS destroyed after power outtage, any hopes of getting my OS Back?

Hey guys,

So i've been using Garuda for almost year now and few small problems aside its been great. Forum's been helpful too, had an issue with a similar problem not too long ago and "solved" it. Got a new riddle for y'all. Tl;dr due to a problem with my dying power source on my PC, the OS simply corrupted and, apparently nuked itself.

So to elaborate: While i went to the living room talk to my familiy and have dinner etc. I left my PC, in my room, unatended. After a few minutes it hibernates, usually. When I came back to my room maybe an hour later, I noticed my PC wasn't hibernating. in fact it wasn't even on. Turns out, while i had dinner, some sort of malfunction with the power source managed to shutdown the computer. Power Source was new btw.
"so what? buy a new one, right?" surely I will.

The reason im here at the garuda forums right now is regarding what happened to my Garuda OS. It nuked itself, and, far as I can tell its trying to take the HDD with it. I wouldn't want to simply format everything as I got some useful files in there. So, do any of guys know of a way to get, well, anything out that HDD? any possibility of getting my OS back? Will gladly hear ANY suggestion, im staggered by what happened.

Mind you, it wont even boot. theres not even an error. my motherboard says the OS is inexistent. HDD is there tho, but nothing in it. booting with an USB STRELEC that i have here with me sees that garuda is in the HDD but will not let me touch it for some reason. Do you guys think that bootiing with a Garuda might allow me to save a few things?

Will take any idea. Sorry to bother everyone.

I had never heard of STRELEC before, but a quick web search suggests it is Windows boot media. I wonder if you fired up a Linux USB drive if you might have better luck interacting with a Linux filesystem?

What do you mean by that? In what way did you interact with your motherboard, and how did you come to interpret the interaction to mean your OS is nonexistent?

It sounds like you are convinced that your power supply failed, but I am less convinced. If that were the case you would not be able to boot the computer--to boot media, or otherwise.

Any clues in your BIOS menu?

Provide more details about what is happening when you try to boot the computer.


sooo, you do know that the BIOS is located in the motherboard, right? when I said "my motherboard says" i meant "I checked the BIOS".and yes, there is a clue in BIOS... it recognizes the HDD but does not see any OS in it (garuda is supposed to be there).

well, I replaced my broken power supply with a temporary one and it turned on normally, Garuda OS was borked tho. when I opened the broken power supply one of the capacitors was shorted. seeing that all the rest of the hardware is fine, I think it is the Power supply.

Win (STRELEC) can't read ext4, btrfs file system, so no other OS are visible for M$.
Did you ever see an OS in BIOS?

Power off seems to break grub, so use USB-stick (with Ventoy and live ISO) with Garuda Linux. Repair grub with chroot from garuda-welcome.

All infos about are in this forum, just search :slight_smile: . There is no need to repeat it here.


:joy: Why didn't you just say that? I'm picturing you out there like this:

Here is the fix SGS mentioned. Very easy and good to learn.


ok, didnt know that. very useful, then the OS is probably not as destroyed as I thought.

It doesn't show up in the BIOS. the BIOS sees the HDD, but it sees it as a 'normal' Hard drive, like it didn't have an OS in it.

I will proceed to try this afternoon! thanks for the tip.

bruh :joy: it was a metonymy, my dude.

Will try it, hopefully it will all work out!

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It will show regardless of Operating System or no OS, unless the disk is removed. BIOS' are hardware related. Basic Input/Output System.

Whose BIOS (vendor) are you running, anyway?

Ref: BIOS - Wikipedia


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