Opera won't update

Gentlemen - my respect! Please advise… For a long time now, my Opera browser has stopped updating! As you can see in the screenshot, I currently have version 106.0.4998.70, although the available version is 109.0.5097.38 On another Linux Mint 20.3 distribution, Mate Opera was updated to the latest version. I will be grateful for any information on this issue!

There is an AUR package for Opera (but maybe this is what you are already using):

paru opera

Afterwards, AUR packages are updated with the rest of the system if using:

garuda-update -a

Or use the config file as explained here:

Please always include your garuda-inxi in new topics, as required in the template.


Thank you for your advice, but unfortunately they did not solve my problem. This is not particularly critical, but having a new version is still better! All the best!

How did you install Opera?

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