OpenAI/ChatGPT for tech assistance

Hello Garuda users.

Just for the newbs I guess mostly. ChatGPT AI is pretty good for tech questions, I have only been recently using it and the technical assistance is pretty damn good. Solved a lot of questions I had so far setting up different Linux OS's and definitely saves time from reading through sometimes useless information.

The AI is pretty impressive to me so far and seems to be very capable with technical assistance and other information as well.

Kind regards

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It unfortunately isn't. Here is more info about it on another tech support forum:

EDIT: I just realized my answers are similar to ChatGPT's, especially the beginning part :rofl:

There are some "tells": It looks like the issue /There are a few problems ... To fix this, /Here is an example of, and the answer nearly always ends with I hope this helps! unless it's been cropped out.


Are you talking about from chatgpt-desktop-bin from AUR?

Links will help, maybe.

Btw, would be nice if you didn't use an official Garuda Linux Logo as your avatar.


That may be true, just speaking from my experience so far, it is also pretty new AI so I imagine it has its bugs no doubt

Huh? What happened? :eyes: