Open Vault via terminal?

So, I created a new vault folder the "Vaults" tab in the "Status and Notifications" bar with encfs. I want to encrypt a folder on a different hard drive, that I can later access from a live environment, while having the ability to easily unlock the vault from the "Status and Notifications" bar.

I've tried using encfs to decrypt as shown here.

Basically, just
encfs ~/Vaults/PersonalFolder ~/Decrypted
But this just shows the setup for encrypting the folder again.

My query is, can I open the vault via the terminal? If not, what's the alternative?



Great! But where does the vault store the encrypted folder? I think I've got everything thing else figured out.



No no. That's where the decrypted files are shown though, right?

Using encfs, you have 2 different folders, "Encrypted" and "Decrypted". One for showing the decrypted files and one for having the encrypted files.

When encrypted, the encrypted files are stored in in the "Encrypted" folder and the "Decrypted" folder has nothing inside. And when putting the password for decryption, the encrypted files are decrypted and stored in the "Decrypted" folder. We can then add files to the "Decrypted" folder and when unmounting it, encfs encrypts those files as well. Atleast, I think this is how it works.

So, I thought Vaults work like this too. In this case, "PersonalFolder" would be our "Decrypted" folder, so where's the "Encrypted" folder?

Please read the documentation.