"Open as admin" for Nautilus?

Would it be possible for this to be added to Garuda's Nautilus?

MX Linux has a similar function in their file manager and it can be really useful.

It is in the AUR, but be mindful to grab the git version--the original project is no longer maintained (the link you posted is from 2020).

 paru nautilus-admin-git

I just tested it and it works.

The problem with adding this or any other extension to the Gnome spin is that Gnome has a reputation for destroying extensions when they release version updates. The Gnome team is very open about the fact that extensions are not supported, and they cannot be bothered to give a crap about what may or may not happen to extensions when they make sweeping back-end changes.

Frozen pool distros like Ubuntu generally have an easier time keeping extensions like this alive, but still it can be a lot of work for maintainers to stay on top of breaking changes. For a rolling release distro, the nuisance is more persistent and fast-paced.

All that to say: I wouldn't hold your breath for the package being added to the official spin.

If you try out the extension and you like it, you could ask very nicely in this thread and the guys might be willing to add it into the Chaotic AUR so you don't have to keep up with building it yourself.


Thanks for the info.

To be honest I'm surprised this isn't a standard part of the Gnome desktop.

I downloaded the utility using Pamac and found there's a GTK4 version which was put in the AUR a few days ago, and it installed so quickly I don't think it needs time wasting in preparing it for the Chaotic AUR.

You should be able to do this using stock Nautilus:

  1. Press CTRL + L to enable editing the location bar
  2. Go to the beginning and add "admin://" (without quotes), for instance "admin:///home/user"
  3. Press ENTER and type your password

This enables administrative actions in Nautilus, not really a Shell extension per se. Again, it is one of those things left up to the specific distribution to decide to include or not.