Old KDE Multimedia edition conky.conf

Hey guys!

Can anyone tell me where I can find the last published conky.conf file that was included in the deprecated KDE Multimedia Edition of Garuda?? I want to add some of the features from that edition back into the dr4gonized version, and that's one of the things I really liked about that one....

Thanks for any help you guys!


i still have the multimedia iso so maybe i can send it to you if you want

that'd be great if you can mount it and pull it out for me! I'd very much appreciate it! Unfortunately I was careless with some NVMe drives and seem to have secure erased the ones that had the ISO on them so I could build a RAID config lol oooops....

multimedia is resource heavy prefer dragonised over it

here it is config

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they're pretty much the same except for the looks

no it is very resource heavy
it does not run in my desktop

i have tried both of them and they are using pretty much the same resources

tell ur desktop specifications

Mucho Gracias Mi Amigo! ::+1:

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