Old Hardware Nvidia Proprietary drivers

I have an nvidia 750M , inxi shows (correctly) that supported drivers are up to 470*, but Garuda (i have gaming edition) auto install 390 ones. In other distros i managed to install 470, which i need for Vulkan 1.1 support,
Having OPTIMUS, garuda installed:
video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-390xx-dkms-bumblebee for both the devices (the other is an intel 4000 i think) , which is fine, but i would like the 470 one,
any tips on this? Thanks

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
Please always provide your garuda-inxi, as required by the template.
I’m not an nVidia user, but I remember (and easily found with a forum search, I hope the dGPU model is the same as yours) this long battle:

Probably reading it in detail can lead you to the solution without repeating the trials in that thread.
Basically you need to remove the nvidia-390 stuff including dependencies (check also the mhwd -r steps), install the nvidia-470-dkms package and you should be good to go.


Anyone spelling it the original way is truly a veteran of those wars.

I haven’t owned one of their cards for a long, long time but if I ever feel like self-mutilation I’ll stop, and buy nVidia instead. :frowning:


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