Okay so EFI is broken or what?

i did, its the same issue, as for formatting no errors shows up, its the installer part that fails for odd reasons.. as for Gpart it wont even let me install it from liveOS, (USB) i have to use like KDE and now sure why that is

Have you gone through your BIOS settings?

  • Disable fast boot
  • Disable secure boot
  • Set to UEFI only
  • SATA controller is set to AHCI mode

its a mac intel 2015 there no bios at all, garuda linux was working up to the point when i had to switch back to mac osx and update its firmware, but even that, the other Linux (biglinux) is working just fine on the installer, so idk whats the issue

yep even with gParted i still get this error: The bootloader could not be installed. The installation command

grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=Garuda --force
returned error code 1.

okay so, i had to use Garuda KDE Gaming, which works fine lol.. but the main one does not so.. am on the gamer now and seems fine..

I'm glad you got it working, but I have to say that is a very puzzling result. I wonder what the difference is between the two ISOs that made it work? :thinking:

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I Have the same issue with my MacPro 5.1.
I am using Garuda from month without any issues. A few days ago problems begins at boot.
Then i restored snapshot, i was working then after reboot block again at startup.

So i decided to wipe the dedicated SSD and reinstall Garuda.

As it's a MacPro, there is no bios menu to change settings.

I've try Garuda KDE and Gaming edition maybe 10 times. Same issue with both distribution :

Bootloader installation error
The bootloader could not be installed. The installation command

grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=Garuda --force
returned error code 1.

Then i try this morning to install Manjaro KDE to see if it's on my computer. No issue at all to install it.

Then i tried again with Garuda KDE but issue persist.

fdisk -l
fdisk: cannot open /dev/sdb: Permission denied
fdisk: cannot open /dev/sda: Permission denied
fdisk: cannot open /dev/sdc: Permission denied
fdisk: cannot open /dev/loop0: Permission denied
fdisk: cannot open /dev/loop1: Permission denied
fdisk: cannot open /dev/loop2: Permission denied
fdisk: cannot open /dev/loop3: Permission denied
fdisk: cannot open /dev/zram0: Permission denied
McFly: Importing shell history for the first time. This may take a minute or two...done.

lsblk -o name,type,fstype,size,uuid,mountpoint
NAME   TYPE FSTYPE     SIZE UUID                                 MOUNTPOINT
loop0  loop squashfs  15.6M                                      /run/miso/sfs/livefs
loop1  loop squashfs 429.4M                                      /run/miso/sfs/mhwdfs
loop2  loop squashfs   1.1G                                      /run/miso/sfs/desktopfs
loop3  loop squashfs   680M                                      /run/miso/sfs/rootfs
sda    disk          931.5G
├─sda1 part vfat       200M 67E3-17ED
└─sda2 part apfs     931.3G 49ce2d10-2ddd-4275-9b75-f3f225ec4c55
sdb    disk          465.8G
├─sdb1 part vfat       300M D28F-0217                            /tmp/calamares-root-d_th6rzt/boot/efi
├─sdb2 part btrfs    452.6G 0e13d8d4-b944-4929-b12a-9f1e1b113e9f /tmp/calamares-root-d_th6rzt/var/tmp
└─sdb3 part swap      12.8G 11a10bff-aefc-48d4-a808-119cf3e5befc
sdc    disk iso9660   57.3G 2022-10-19-02-24-22-00               /run/miso/bootmnt
├─sdc1 part iso9660    2.4G 2022-10-19-02-24-22-00
└─sdc2 part vfat         4M E328-6EBB
zram0  disk           11.7G                                      [SWAP]

Do you think the issue is inside the ISO? As it was working perfectly before.

I was using garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-221019.so

Let's try with the latest version I found : garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-221028.iso from Garuda Linux ISO Builds.

Not working - installation don't start :
Calamari could not load modules user@user

I'll try garuda-dr460nized-gaming-linux-zen-220909.iso to see

I had the exact same issue with Garuda Gnome 221019 on a MacBook Pro 10,2.

grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=Garuda --force

returned error code 1.

Installing Garuda Gnome from the 220808 ISO works normally.

Thank you for your reply @RockyC
By my side installation was successful with garuda-dr460nized-gaming-linux-zen-220909.iso and any bootloader issues.

Now i am fighting with Nvidia drivers who block the system boot after installation.
Hopefully, snapshots help a lot!

I did not have theses kind of issues on my previous installation on the same system.
It seems that something is broken with Mac Hardware.




I'm just glad that I didn't erase my old Ventoy USB. I don't have nvidia graphics on my MBP, thankfully, but I did notice that my Broadcom 4360 Wi-Fi card doesn't have a kernel driver in Linux 6.0, so I am at this very moment building linux-zen-515lts.

I am facing the exact same problem.

Also on a Macbook Pro (A1278) from 2015 with garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-221019.iso.

The search for a solution has brought me here. Unfortunately I can't find version 220909 to download (anymore) otherwise I would have tried it with that.

However, what I figured out is that it has to do with efibootmgr. I tried to create the entry in the NVRAM with efibootmgr but it always comes up with the error message: Could not prepare Boot variable: Invalid argument.

It doesn't matter what parameters I give to efibootmgr it always returns an error message. The only thing I could do with efibootmgr was to delete entries, but it was impossible to change or create an entry. I also tried with the previous version of efibootmgr because my suspicion was that the 220909 might still be using version 17 but I can't get anywhere with the older version either.

Maybe someone has a download link for me on a dr460nized 220909? I could not find a working one as I said and is there someone from the garuda team who is looking into the problem?

Yes :muscle: I made it.
As said before, the problem is that efibootmgr of Garuda Linux is not able to configure the UEFI NVRAM entry.

However, this does not necessarily have to be done via the Garudu Linux.

So I put a Debian Live System on a USB stick and booted from it. From there I made the NVRAM entry with the efibootmgr which worked right away and it also booted the grub boot loader. Since grub was not configured yet, I put the Garuda USB stick again to fix the boot mananger configuration and now the Macbook Pro boots the Garuda Dragonized 221019.
:muscle: :man_dancing: :1st_place_medal: :blush:


maybe they can look into it and try to find a fix? so we can use the newer ISO then using the older one

i have that ISO stored on my rig and can share if needed.

3 iso's are available from me:


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good to share, how ever my mac hardware is limited on this bistro from maxed out to 4GB DDR4 from 2015 :frowning: i kinda wish "garuda" can make intel mac hardware distro for older 2009 to 2019 where ram can be 1GB to 2GB max, with KDE by brining up older hardware for macs to life.. but idk i may look into something, as i hate gnome and xfce as well others, they don't have KDE feel type...

Our distro is optimized for performance, sorry.

Minimum requirements

  • 30 GB storage space
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Video card with OpenGL 3.3 or better
  • 64-bit system

Yep i know it is haha :smiley: