I have installed oh-my-zsh-git, but how can I choose plugins and themes I can not figure it out.

Did you properly source the plugin in ~/.zshrc?
All of the config can be done there.

I'm not quite sure what you mean.
Here's what I've tried

Added theme to~/.zshrc


Then run the following command: source ~/.zshrc

But get this error message

zsh: command not found: agnoster

Please read the project's documentation:

Be aware of the file format and don't just invent your own.



Added theme to~/.zshrc


Then run the following command: source ~/.zshrc

No error messages. But it has no effect. I do not have the new theme. So what am I doing wrong?


Did you restart your computer :desktop_computer:

Yes i did . But it has no effect.

Three things jump out:

  1. You are trying to use starship at the same time.
  2. You're enabling syntax highlighting in the middle rather than at the end.
  3. Nowhere in your .zshrc are you sourcing the oh-my-zsh config.

I suggest you move your .zshrc out of the way and let oh-my-zsh perform its initial setup rather than trying to smash different things together and see if they stick. :stuck_out_tongue:


This. Also I think omz also informs about what to put there after the package is installed (I might be wrong about this, long time been)
Anyway, reading the projects instructions is very easy and straight forward :grin:

eval "$(starship init zsh)"
function set_win_title(){
    echo -ne "\033]0; [email protected]$HOST:${PWD/$HOME/~} \007"

Needs to be commented out (it obviously loads starship) and omz init needs to be added at the beginning

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It was too technical for me. I had to use Timeshift to get it back where it was before, and have deleted oh-my-zsh-git. I am gradually becoming an old man (67) and the brain is not what it used to be :blush:


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