Off Topic Chit Chat - (Silliness factor 5)

today i installed Garuda BSPWM.. and i was shocked.... the iso was old... it was about 1.2GB of updates... i believe we have too much WMs and DEs and focusing on one is not possible everytime....

keeping you updated if something goes wrong or feel like buggy

last time i used Garuda BSPWM it was very laggy and the choppy tilling effects.... i hope we will see some changes

Anyone here use Androidx86 in a VM instead of anbox?

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many aaps like nitrogen virtmanager etc crashed 2 3 times and then finally went into a bootloop after system updates were installed in Garuda BSPWM

Please, make a separate topic about your issues with bspwm. This place is supposed to be silly, not serious. STOP.


I agree with you just make a topic it is NOT THAT HARD.
Sorry for the tiny rant.

Lol, I mainly read the forum daily for amusement factor.
The trolls and clueless/helpless are actually quite amusing. I suppose it's mean to be amused by the clueless, but umm, they should get a clue, I guess ;0
Remember TBG that I said (last year) that I feel sorry for what you're going to go through as Garuda got more popular? haaahaa

I mean, I can't use Garuda because the telegram app won't allow me to set the download folder, and it must be Garuda's fault, because it works on XYZ. It's a deal breaker..

OMG, and several solutions were shoved at him, plus it would be easy if you knew anything about Linux to setup a cron job to move files elsewhere, completely working around any app deficiencies (which were probably not even a deficiency turns out, but pure user error)
How could someone make up comedy like this? Of course, you probably have to be a geek to understand the comedy :slight_smile:


just had to run 3 commands in powershell. I'm about to faint :face_vomiting:


Yes, you did warn, and sadly I've been through this all before as a distro climbs higher and higher in the rankings.

And yes, it is funny in a perverse and twisted kind of way, because there's probably at least 4 or 5 ways to workaround the issue you mentioned.

Unfortunately, the comedy factor isn't enough to offset the spike in blood pressure when reading threads like that. If I suddenly stop posting one day it's not likely that Covid got me, but rather a user finally caused me to burst a major blood vessel in my brain.

:exploding_head: :crazy_face:


Ya gotta get off'n the sauce an onto the weed, man. I mean, if'n yer about ta go postal, ya know. <wink, wink, wink>


I read this Yesterday on twitter :slight_smile:

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It was on the national news in the UK yesterday, Just shows money does not buy happiness


I'm not sure anything can.... I suspect it is more a decision than a buyable condition...

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If 130 Billion USD doesn't buy happiness, I'll settle for half, like Melinda will.


Well having lot of money doesn't bring happiness
And having less money also doesn't bring happiness

You need only as much you need to live a life without worry

Keep the number in controllable amount

If it exceeds a certain number you are bound to bring karma


Guess I worry too much. :wink:


I totally agree. In many cases money can help you to live a less stressed life, but it's not everything at all. Money are important but not so much to be at the first place IMO :slight_smile:

Anyway I'm sad for uncle Billie but he is young, he still has a long life to live!

His ex wife now can switch to Garuda Linux! I'll write her :smiley:


Sir this is a Linux forum.


Irony - Wikipedia :smiley:


Continuing the discussion from Update fails, probably too little RAM:

That's why I wanted to change the title...

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