Octopi/Pamac search doesn't search package description

I don't know if this can be controlled here, it may be an issue on the software but Pamac and Octopi have the same issue when searching for software. My latest example is Xtreme Download Manager.

I search for "xtreme" on both Octopi and Pamac. Octopi returns extremetuxracer. Pamac displays a list of unrelated software.

If I search 'pacman -Ss xtreme' it comes up at the bottom of the list and shows me the package name is 'xdman'. If I search 'xdman' on either Pamac/Octopi it comes up right away. Just seems like a big oversight not to search the description of the packages not only package names. Especially for GUI applications where the user may never know the exact obscure package name, just the general name of the software that they are searching for.

It is probably software related. I use bauh as my package manager and it searches the description from what I can tell. I can type in 'Wine' as the search option and get back apps like "bottles" that clearly doesn't have wine in the name, but in its description.

The thing bauh struggles with though (not sure about the other pkg mgrs) is hyphens. Wine packages like 'Wine-XXXX' with no 'Wine' in the description will not show up in the results. It is so tricky and odd.

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In my garuda pamac it does shows "xdman" at the bottom of a bunch of packages (listed by name) when querying for "extreme". I guess is too exhaustive.

This begs the question, which version of Pamac do you have installed @gitoffmalawn.

I've noticed search results similar to those mentioned. Just tried search of "xtreme" in Pamac and it doesn't seem to find that download manager. Octopi also just returns extremetuxracer, so I can confirm that too.

The versions I'm running is Pamac 10.2.1-2 and Octopi 0.11.0-2

Enable the AUR in Octopi, and also install yay form the terminal if it isn't already installed. Look at your options and the little green icon.

chaotic-aur/archlinux-appstream-data-pamac 20210929-1 [installed]
    Arch Linux application database for AppStream-based software centers (Fixed for pamac-aur and pamac-all packages)


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