Octhelper (?)

Recently I noticed my terminal history displaying two specific commands that I never manually enter.

sudo /usr/lib/octopi/octphelper -ts

This obviously isn't cause for any concern but at the same time it makes me wonder why tasks are being automated when before it was only when I opened a package manager and manually updated my packages, or did it through the command line myself.

Is this a newer method or was I just blind to this the entire time? And my second question would be: What is it automating? I did some research and found this:

* searching for packages published on the AUR;
* resolving of dependencies between AUR packages;
* retrieve and build AUR packages;
* retrieve web content, such as user comments;
* submission of AUR packages.

Forgive me if this topic is unnecessary. I haven't used an arch-based distro in so long.

We prefer pacman and for updates use garuda-update in terminal.

Manual in Garuda Wiki


I do actually use Garuda update. I just never noticed this being automated before, and never thought to remove or disable anything that the system came with. This task is being run on its own, periodically.

EDIT: After some more research, it appears it has something to do with enabling certain commands without the need for sudo or entering the password, and is run automatically when I open Konsole.

Do you mean fastfetch?

## Run fastfetch if session is interactive
if status --is-interactive
fastfetch -l garudadragon

uncomment in ~/.config/fish/config.fish

You have to ask the octopi developer, I do not use octopi, btw. :wink:

cat /usr/lib/octopi/octphelper
File: /usr/lib/octopi/octphelper   <BINARY>

Does Octopi notify you when there are package updates available? My guess would be this process is related to that, and it runs in the background without interaction required.

If you would like to disable it, check if there is an option within Octopi to disable the notifier, or remove Octopi from your startup applications.

It does not notify me for anything. Not really a big deal. I wasn't really looking to remove anything, I was more just wondering if anyone knew exactly what it was and why it was there, but apparently it's unknown at this point. I discovered that the two commands are only run every single time I open Konsole. I think it has something to do with Octopi commands.

A quick glance at the source repo confirms it is indeed "octopi helper".

Why would it run every time I could not understand, it seems to me it should be called by octopi when doing "run in terminal".

By the way, I just installed and run octopi, and sudo /usr/lib/octopi/octphelper -ts only runs in the internal terminal tab when doing "run in terminal" and quits immediately afterwards (leaving those two lines in the bash history).


Yeah, I don't understand it either. Even after clearing bash history, it reappears in the history upon opening Konsole by itself. I can't seem to get rid of it.

I'm taking a guess here: are those two lines somehow in one of bash config files?
IIRC in one of the issues I read yesterday (about a different problem with the helper) one user was saying something about it that left me scratching my head.
But I can't find anything like that after installing and using octopi, nor any sign of its helper running in every terminal (yes I made sure to run bash and not fish). :man_shrugging:

Disregard the "IIRC", memory failed me. It was about TMPDIR not the helper.
(forum does not let me edit?)

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