Occasional Freezing

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Hello I would like to bring up this

The problem wasn't actually resolved the problem has significantly increased now, my inxi can be found in that post.

Edit I will post my new inxi tomorrow morning I just realized it might have changed.
Sorry for creating this early

I have reopened your old topic and merged your new thread.

I have to ask, have you searched the forum very thoroughly on this topic. There are numerous threads on this issue and from a quick scan of your thread you haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the numerous fixes that have helped in these past cases.

There are too many suggestions to rehash them all over again. Search the forum and post every fix you have attempted to correct this issue. We cannot fix this issue for you as we do not own your hardware. You simply need to test as many fixes as possible until something works.

I, (as well as many others) have experienced this issue in the past and it was corrected. I couldn't possibly point to one thing that corrected my issue as I tested too many different fixes to point to one as a solution. That is what you need to do. Start reading all the past posts on this topic my friend.

You've got your homework cut out for you.


What flags would be recommended for my first ever btfrs balancing.

If you search in the forum there are interesting discussions. Eg below. I normally use 60 and 60.

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Actually I am using the garuda assistant and the flags look different. Tho i may not be understanding them correctly.

I was referring to the command line:
btrfs balance start -musage=60 -dusage=60
Other example:

Missing arguments i suppose i googled this command most of em are btrfs-balance with the hyphen and I am getting this error when I just copy paste your command

btrfs balance start: exactly 1 argument expected, 0 given

Edit - Nvm i figured it out you missed the / mount point

Too many copy and paste. I'm from the mobile... :wink:

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Been 7 hours since I started a full balance.

That seems quite a lot of time actually, but as per btrfs balance man page:

**Warning:** running balance without filters will take a lot of time as it basically rewrites the entire filesystem and needs to update all block pointers.

For as little a quick internet search may value

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I personally would have deleted all my timeshift snapshots before running a btrfs balance as that is an extremely long time for a balance operation.


A little OT. @filo I am either very lucky or I am unsure if the information on your linked post from Reddit is correct regarding dd usage and btrfs. I have used dd to image one Garuda install to another drive numerous times without any corruption. I have done this quite a few times from a live boot disk without problems before. I have even done it from the OS running Garuda (not recommended) without any issues. I'm not saying the information on Reddit is wrong, it just hasn't been my experience when using dd with btrfs.

Maybe I'm just lucky.


As I said it was only a quick search to see if that duration was normal...
Actually I read the beginning but not immediately the whole thread.
I rarely found useful info on reddit.
So, you're not lucky! :wink:


Btrfs balancing was a ABSOLUTE LEGEND no lag now.

WHat swappiness will you suggest for my 8gb according to my inxi.

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Personally, I'd go with Garuda's more aggressive settings. Assuming you have a swap file/partition and swappiness set in /etc/sysctl.d (I believe it is. Posting from a Win machine.) My low-RAM N5050 has a high swappiness value, but I think that is incorrect.

There is a ton of information on the subject in the Arch Wiki and others. I have read them all (had a 1-gig Acer Aspire Netbook running either Arch or Manjaro), but swear the more I read the less I know. :wink:

It all depends on for what purpose and how you use your resources. If you are conservative, like I am, you may never need to concern yourself about it.


As said, it depends on several things.
First check your swap status

swapon --show

Then check if zswap is disabled (as it should when using zram) and disable it if it is enabled.

Then you may test different combinations of swappiness and vfs_cache_pressure, as every HW/SW/usage combination has a different solution combination.

The more you read about these, the more you may know (if you are not @c00ter old :rofl: )


We are back at it again just have e vs code and Google meet without video open and lagging as hell.

You should look for related journal messages every time you have issues. It is the usual and expected (from us) troubleshooting. We can't help without some facts.


There are numerous fixes listed on all the threads on this topic. I don't see where you've listed what you've tested in your research.

This stuff has been covered in very great depth quite a few times before. No one is going to list all the options available for you to test. This has all been done before. It's up to you to do your due diligence.