Obtaining ISO File for KDE Dr460nized Gaming

It has been a while since using LINUX. I am familiar with generating an ISO Boot/OS Load Disk but am not having success getting the ISO file for KDE Dr460nized Gaming. I obtained it from TORRENT at 32KB. I would have thought it to be maybe 4-5GB. Is this 32KB all I need to but on an ISO Flash Drive to load the OS into a fresh computer with blank SSD. Should I go to another Site? The SourceForge link is not working. I plan to create the ISO on a Windows 10 Computer; this should be no issue yes? Thank you for your understanding. Any guidance most appreciated. Excited to get started.


  • We recommend using Balena Etcher to create a bootable USB stick. You can use dd or its frontends (Mintstick, Popsicle, Imagewriter, Mediawriter) on Linux. Do not use Rufus to flash the iso.

Thank you for confirming that. I appreciate your answering. Where can I get the full ISO Image file? The Download Links on garudalinux.org are not pointing to the full ISO Files:
SourceForge-> Whoops Page not fount; Torrent--> 38KB ISO; SHA256--> 1KB ISO.

Maybe the distribution is N/A? Should I start with another Distro? Thank You.

Skip the torrent. Download the image directly.

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c00ter. Thanks. Since the garudalinux.org download links are not working, from where can I get the image file? Appreciate the pointer.


I'm downloading it as we speak.


You can select another mirror from Problems downloading


Thank you very much! I downloaded it successfully. This will be my evening project.
My Very Best....


Btw, you should also learn how to use torrents. They are easy, interesting worth learning. Search on your favorite search engine on how to use torrents.


Wait a minute, which one? I must know to replace them.

Dr460nized is working on my device.

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Have you tried builds.garudalinux.org ?

Woops, looks like dr460nized gaming is not working.

Thanks for letting us know, I will replace it at earliest.