Obliterated my OS on accident

worst nightmare. accidentally deleted my entire OS drive while installing garuda on another drive.

I have an external hard drive in btrfs format with snapshots that is in fine condition, the drive reads on the new garuda install. please tell me there's a way to restore snapshot from my external hard drive so I can save my machine.


How did you accidentally wipe the other disk? Selected the wrong disk? How have you verified that the data is deleted?

I accidentally deleted it with KDE partition manager while trying to create a new partition for another hard drive.

If you have wiped the whole device then there is nothing you can do, BTRFS snapshots can even save you from accidentally deleting the whole root partition but they don't survive if you wipe the whole disk with something like mkfs which is what KDE Partition Manager uses.

Sorry for you.


You can probably just use rsync to copy the snapshot files across to the internal disk, but you'd want to do that from within a live installer environment rather than the booted OS.

I think he deleted the partition itself though, so there aren't any files on the partition map.

If this is all you did you might be able to recover the entire partition with software like TestDisk or gpart. If you created a new partition in the place of old partition then I don't recommend TestDisk or gpart, you should tell

  • The contents of snapshots (does it include everything or only @ subvolume etc.)
  • How you created it

Risks like that are the very reason why I strongly discourage Linux newbies from attempting to dual-boot with Windows.

It is simply the complexity is already overwhelming to intermediate Linux users, let alone Windows refugees.

And why you are attempting that while your current storage device is still plugged-in? You could just disconnect it first, then connect your secondary drive alone then do the Garuda install.

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