NVidia / HDMI / No External Monitor issue after upgrade

I decided to just reinstall. Did that and upgraded and it seems to work. Not sure what I did wrong to get into this mess. Reinstall is a little less than strait forward because I have a luks encrypted home folder on a second drive. I'll probably be posting questions about how to get that mapped in if I can't figure it out:-)

Thanks everyone for trying to help!!! Great OS, great community and happy to be here.


So glad that fixed things up for you. However, a reinstall is the least preferred fix on a rolling distro. When using a rolling distro a reinstall negates the greatest benefit of a roller. I basically will never break down and reinstall an Arch based distro. I simply put far too much effort into customizing my system to make things the way I like it to wipe the slate clean.

I make sure I keep regular backup images of my system so that I can always return to an earlier good working state. Those new to an Arch based system will inevitably end up reinstalling (probably several times) before they become familiar with Arch's ins and outs.

I you want to run a rolling distro backups are your best friend. Snapshots alone are not a bona fide backup system that can be relied upon to always recover from a serious melt down. Please implement a full backup regimen to allay any fear of ruining your perfectly tuned Arch based system (either by mistake or with a botched update).

Welcome to Garuda, and best of the holiday season to you (and all other members of the community).

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