Nvidia GTX 770 Prblem

Nvidia GTX770 type card long term solution.

The latest Nvidia driver that works with this Nvidia card and many others is 470 series, newest drivers do not boot. It would be nice if Garuda included hardware detection and automatically allowed to keep the legacy driver using the built in hardware detection in Garuda settings. Not sure if this is Arch or Garuda controls this but it would be nice to add 470x option like th legacy nvidia 390x option drivers.

Yes I can install from cache and downgrade every time but it's a pain. Editing pacman.conf to ignore Nvidia 470 driver update worked for a while but now complains again on update on software addition in spite of the pacman.conf being edited to ignore Nvidia upgrades.

Is it possible to get Nvidia legacy 470x driver support built into Garuda Hardware settings like Nvidia 390 series?

The distro is looking at a solution, however you're really barking up the wrong tree. You should be complaining to Nvidia about their lack of support for their high priced products in Linux. Failing that, stop buying hardware from vendors that don't offer extended support and open source drivers for the expensive products they sell.

If you continue buying Nvidia products you can be sure to have never ending driver deprecation's and lack of support in Linux. The choice being yours you have made your bed so to speak, now you must lie in it.


Nvidia Politics aside, and I do agree, but, if the team can do something like this request, it will cement Garuda as the linux platform for gamers.

Probably will never get another Nvidia card again. AMD has much better support on Linux now. Quite different scenario during the time I got the card.

This will eventually break the Garuda live boot once the live boot image starts using Nvidia drivers newer then 470. Open source Nvidia drivers just are not usable enough.

Doesn't Garuda state it is for modern computers and hardware only? So, not only is the OP asking for older drivers to be "automated," he is asking Garuda to go against its own philosophy.

Maybe the end result is that Garuda is not for the OP, or better stated, for the OP's older hardware. :thinking:

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