Nvidia drivers not working at all

Replace "openctl" with "opencl"

get rid of the t

Confirm your BIOS is NOT set to Auto select GPU.
Use your BIOS User Manual Section 1.6.3, page 40, Graphics Configuration.
I guess you should use PEG for nvidia only.

Your Xorg log shows nvidia is correctly recognized. I don't know why it fails, but we recently discovered another BIOS in Auto, made a similar effect.


Wrong order.
First update your system and then (re)install drivers (if needed, since they look installed).

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It's interesting that was the problem.
I didn't think BIOS Settings would cause such a catastrophic issue for Linux. My only experience where BIOS settings make or break anything is when I did Hackintosh Stuff.

I'm pretty sure, due to my constant switching between graphics cards, I've been in Auto mode all along. I do have a Gigabyte Mobo, so I guess every board behaves differently.

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Uh oh. @tbg doesn't have a high opinion of how well Gigabyte motherboards work with Linux. :shushing_face:


I think he's even told me my MOBO has problems(like usb problems) on linux and then he pointed to a Reddit post relating to a different MOBO(could be someone else, but I think it was him). I then proceeded to explain I can use all of my USB ports just fine.

It sounds like AM3 Gigabyte MOBOS didn't work very well with linux. Mine is AM4 because I use Ryzen and AMD FX processors were probably some of the worst processors to ever exist. I used an fx-4300 for a while and it was a turd.

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True, on some dystros mine keeps spitting out pci problems that are 'corrected' Asus seems to not play nicely with good software.

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