Nvidia 470 drivers now support Wayland (Sway)

According to this: NVIDIA 470 Driver Now Works With Wayland Composer Sway - itsfoss.net

When will Garuda Sway ship with support for these drivers? Nvidia's move to finally go to GDM is a really massive step in the direction of getting full acceleration in Wayland. I find Nouveau just so buggy in general and it's really hard to get my laptops to just not completely chew through battery using it.

Would be really interested to know how the Garuda team is going to ship Sway in the future.


Which drivers, specifically? 470.63 is already in the repos, and 470.74 will be along shortly.


Just to add, the Nvidia 470.74's are full of goodness, especially for the 5.14 kernel, and some goodness for gamers.

NVIDIA 470.74 Graphics Driver Brings Support for Linux Kernel 5.14, Firefox Improvements

NVIDIA 470.74 for Linux is out fixing up memory usage for Direct3D 12 with VKD3D-Proton


Just for completeness (and for people who appreciate brevity in release announcements),


I meant currently when installing Sway, it looks as though the proprietary Nvidia drivers are blacklisted and only Nouveau is being used. I meant when is Sway going to be configured by default to use the proprietary drivers.