Nvidia / 3DTV?

Has anyone used a 3DTV, or other 3D screen, for 3D gaming on Linux with NVidia cards?

How did you do it?

Thanks! :smiley:

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Researching a question usually is prefaced by all of the other sources you've consulted, what you tried and the results, and what you did not attempt and why. Please help us to help you.

As an example; have you asked Google, and what did it say? How about the Arch Wiki?


It wasn't a request for support, which is why I posted it in the general community area. It was more curiosity at this stage, to see if there was anyone like-minded around.

And yes, i've looked on Arch and Google. Google is confusing, as some posts say it is a feature for the pro market with a specialist 3pin output, others that it is a paid add-on driver feature, and others that it is discontinued anyway. There also seems to be a lot of misunderstanding between the early NV3D cards with active shutter glasses (Asus etc.) and the modern implementation i am looking for, ie outputting a 3D signal to a 3DTV (passive), or projector system.

Are there no operating instructions, what does the seller or the manufacturer say?

Then you should state it directly like that.
Since it has nothing to do with Garuda, the posts can stay here.

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Nothing. It's a discontinued (Windows) feature, that I was hoping to try on Garuda.

Apologies. I thought I posted in the general community chat area, not support. Feel free to delete.

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