Ntfs-3g driver must be used in fstab to properly mount NTFS format drives

The Paragon NTFS driver appears to be buggy, (I think that's what they used). The ntfs-3g driver still appears to be stable.

I am going to edit your title to reflect the cause more clearly.


Thanks for all the help. I'm just glad this is finally sorted as I do enjoy accessing different installations even if it is shitty Windows. I wonder why this is even a problem and how it happened but at least there's a more stable ntfs driver available to make it work. The reason I mainly wanted it mounted was to rsync to it but you let me know that NTFS doesn't preserve things from btrfs or at least Linux in general. So I formatted my external drive and worked out how to make it mount when plugged in and not fail to boot if not plugged in like I originally had it set as (nofail and a timeout) and now I can simply plug it when I feel like and run my rsync alias. So thanks! This is what Linux is about I guess, sometimes getting problems like the few I had and then feeling relief in fixing them. Sometimes I wish it was more like Windows in terms of it not breaking once on me in the last few years but then I remember how much more I prefer Linux even if I have to fix a problem here and there. Hopefully no more problems for now though haha

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Where's the fun in that, how would you learn anything new. :wink:

And you're welcome BTW. :+1:

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Yeah that's very true haha. It's always annoying and worrying but then relieving and fun to solve it.

Btw, while I have you here, and to prevent making a new post as I can't find the answer on Google for some reason, I'm trying to work out how to delete the rsyncbackup on my Windows drive but all Google is telling me is how to delete files from the destination that aren't on the source anymore. Was hoping you could tell me quick so I can get rid of that and then use my external drive for rsync. Sorry for the OT I figured it would be fine as the issue is resolved now haha.

Not enough details to say.

Sorry, but I'm needing to attend to some productive outside tasks now.

What is preventing you from deleting it?

I wasn't sure tbh. Kept trying everything but no matter what, the home and usr folder would stick whether deleting from Garuda or Windows. From Garuda it said something about not being able to delete directory that isn't empty even though I used rm -rf. Rsync force delete didn't work either. I'm guessing it was because Windows was mounted and for some reason it couldn't be deleted. So I just flashed a fedora image I had to my USB and booted into a live environment and it let me finally delete it from a live environment. Just running rsync now on my external hard drive which I formatted to btrfs like Garuda so it can hopefully have the best opportunity of preserving everything. This is my command btw, pretty happy with how it turned out after some tweaking. Although I need to fix the path to my external drive now it is mounted.

sudo rsync -aAXHv --exclude={"/swapfile","/home/adamj/Documents/OP7Pro","/.snapshots","/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found","/home/*/.thumbnails/*"," /home/*/.cache/mozilla/*"," /home/*/.cache/chromium/*"," /home/*/.local/share/Trash/*","/var/lib/dhcpcd/*"} / /run/media/adamj/fd0e2015-f7ec-44c7-bb14-33981ca47fea/rsyncbackup/

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