Notes on issues fresh install Dragon

Hello, not complaining and I resolved the issue I had but here are some notes on a fresh install that might interest whoever works on the Welcome Setup-Assistant. I had an installation of Garuda on a different machine so I used the Garuda USB/etcher from an ISO I downloaded on Sep. 22 2021 within the app. I downloaded the regular Dragonized.

After a fresh install, the first thing I ran was the setup assistant and went through the menus. Everything looked fine but on the final step the installation completed too quickly. When I checked if the software I had picked was installed, none of it was there. After doing that a few times, I ran sudo setup-assistant and saw that it was getting errors with 'appmenu-gtk-module'. I sudo pacman -S appmenu-gtk-module and ran setup assistant again from Welcome app. It ran fine and installed the rest of the packages.



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