(Not) Going back to Ubuntu

Thank you for the assistance members have given during my trial of your OS.

I really like this OS and wish it all the best in the future.

I originally started using Linux, like most others with the Ubuntu system. Over the years I have migrated away from it only to return in the last few days due to my not being able to resolve some issues with Garuda, Namely, not being able to use Snap and not being able to get my printer which is the HP Envy Photo 7822 working also not retrieving hooks.

I tried both in Ubuntu and they worked out of the box.

Once again. Thanks.
I will try your OS again in a few months time to see if these things are then possible.

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Sorry, you couldn't get your bugs worked out. Hopefully things will be more problem free the next time around.


Thank you.


Pleased to see that you now have the Golden Eagle. Look forward to trying it.
I have been able to install snap and in particular typeapp-mail which is one of the apps I really wanted to use. I did this by:

and following the install for typeapp mail on the arch section.
Works perfectly and am very pleased.



Nice to hear that you are not going back to ubuntu.


I really like this OS but will keep using both until things work out.