Not a problem, just a question about lxqt screenlocking

hello folks,
this is not an issue, but more a desire to further my own knowledge on something! On the fabulous garuda lxqt take - coming from another lxqt take (using kwin too, not openbox as the wm), it was always stuck using xscreensaver to lock or wake from suspend (i think the same goes for other lxqt takes too) - but garuda got rid of xscreensaver (which always reminds me of something written back in the 80's on a commodore 64) - how on earth did you manage that?

ps. sorry if i put this in the wrong category, but i couldn't find one for "inquisitive old buggers questions".


XScreenSaver does not appear to be associated with Openbox, or even directly with LXQt. I'm not sure why it seems to be the de facto standard for LXQt, but it might be just because they have made it so simple to implement.

This is from the ArchWiki page for XScreenSaver:


In the Xfce, LXDE and LXQt environments, XScreenSaver is autostarted automatically if it is available - no further action is required.

Another motivating factor for maintainers using XScreenSaver might be to keep the ISO as simple as possible (I'm guessing XScreenSaver is a small package that doesn't require a lot of resources).

All that to say: it was just an implementation choice. Probably the maintainer thinks--like yourself--that XScreenSaver feels a bit dated and clunky! :smile:

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thanks for that - it was also more a case of what is used instead .

It is the KDE lockscreen which is used instead. It is highly configurable; if you'd like to toy around with it, go to Preferences -> KDE System Settings -> Workspace Behavior -> Screen Locking.

It defaults to locking with a random wallpaper from /usr/share/wallpapers (which I actually really like), but if you poke around you'll see KDE has tons of lock screen themes and wallpapers you can download as well.