Noob questions about GameMode and FSR

Moving over to Linux for gaming as well and i was wondering if anyone can answer a few questions? Im using garuda gaming with a 7900xtx GPU and 7800x3d CPU (both watercooled)and im wondering how do i set up fsr and gamemode in Lutris or are they auto setup? atm trying to set up cyberpunk (gog version) to run a bit better. It runs great at 4k but my temps and usage is a bit to high for me so wanna set to 1440 and up to 4k instead.

You can check here which resolutions scaling are working

Im always using 1506x847 along with ge-proton 7.44 or 7.38
If game do not start on that proton ge version im downloading newer one, i do not how to work on gog, because not using, but maybe try heroic launcher
Also using corectrl to underclock my gpu, and limitting power usage with profiles

But for fsr to be working in steam or lutris you have to get ge-proton
But check exactly versions in github because some releases has disabled fsr due to some Bugs or conflicts

Also look for launch variables for steam and fsr here

At this moment fsr3 is not available on linux

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as @wilk85 said, for GOG games is the heroic launcher the way to go. You can quickly setup nearly every proton (and GE) version you can imagine. After installing the game you can change the startup settings, proton versions, parameters, FSR, Gamemode etc. via GUI checkboxes.

Hope you enjoy gaming on linux, would love if you contribute to the protondb website as well!

And a big welcome to Garuda Linux :penguin: :metal:


Underclocking your GPU has benefits? Or just for powersaving?

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for me it has, lower power consumption, and your GPU will be working longer, also games to be fully functional do not need 200W, i was running path of exile on 30W in 1920x1080 60 fps

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I always run with my Quadro M2000M overclocked to the max and it never goes above 70c. When on battery I switch to integrated. I would underclock only if it were getting too hot.

For me there is no point to run full details, its enough to be playable and do not look horrible

And you are speaking about laptop, which never will have same output as normal gpu or cpu

I beg to differ. This M2000M performs better than a M1000. Therefore, it has better “output” than a “normal” GPU. I know what you mean but the way you put it is wrong. Just thought I’d point that out since you wanted to be condescending.

Well maybe if its a laptop for big cash, it will perform good, i had once gaming laptop, from middle shelf and never again
Miniaturization has its cost

About temperatures it also depends which gamess you play
My underclocked setup not even once hit 70c, and i was playing daily path of exile, playing still daily warframe, so games which uses many resources

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Actually, I have never owned a desktop computer and with the performance of current gaming laptops I wonder why people still buy desktops. But, like I said, I really don’t know first hand how much better they
perform. My current laptop is the best I’ve ever had and it’s 8 years old. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a monster, with a Core i7-6820HQ, Quadro M2000M, and 64gigs of DDR4 (currently 48gigs; a 16gig stick went out a few days ago).

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